We all know that being in a group or community is really strong and collaborative way up lift each other.

We belong to church group, health clubs and professional associations, right?

So why would we not do the same for our business?

Keep reading and listen to the video below to find out why masterminds are important to up level your business.

Why Masterminds Are Important?

I am the same.  I had no idea.

After working in corporate for over 25 years in business and accounting, most times my head was so buried in piles of paper and month end routines that I barely came up for air, let alone gathering with groups for personal development.

It wasn’t until I tapped into the online space and became an online entrepreneur that I realized first, what a mastermind really was and second, why masterminds were important for my business.

Because I now see the importance, I am passionate about sharing that with you.  So, I’ve put together a few reasons why they are important and why you should consider joining one.

Before I get started, I wanted to share a quote from Napoleon Hill with you.  What is interesting about Napoleon Hill is he has shared the power of masterminds from way back when. What is interesting to me is this still holds true and relevant even in today’s day and age.

why masterminds are important


A mastermind is when a group of people or business owners come together with like-minded that have the same value to grow and build a successful business or have some kind of common goal.  It is a great way to engage with others, share ideas and learn from each other.  It is an opportunity to 10x your learning and your growth as a business owner and also in personal development.



Masterminds can be physical meetings like events and retreats.  In today’s day and age, many of them are happening remotely over the internet.  The beauty of this is there is an opportunity to share and meet other like-minded business owners from all over the world. Many of my masterminds online communities do masterminds via google hangout and zoom.  These are great as you can see and feel the energy in the “virtual” room so to speak.  This is so amazing to me.



When you attend a mastermind your will realize the energy and greatness of being in a room of like-minded people, and why masterminds are important.  This is really important as with many entrepreneurs, most times, our families and friends do not understand what we are going through.  Masterminds that have a strong community sense, can offer the feel of a family unit which is super powerful.



When you attend a mastermind, you will quickly realize that you are not alone.  You get to hear and share the stories from everyone.  You will hear about the breakdowns and breakthroughs in business.  You will hear about the failures and the successes. You quick begin to uplift yourself and realize that anything is possible!



Once of the greatest reasons why masterminds are important is the deep connections that come from being part of a community of like-minded people. They will become your new friends and experts that you know you will be able to count on no matter what. You will meet people from all over the world. This is especially true even if you are new to business or the industry.  It is a great way to build connection quickly.



You will quickly realize the power of connection.  The things you thought were not possible because every one around you said so, you will realize in CAN do it and that ANYTHING is possible.  You will experience being uncomfortable and walking “through” that.  You will learn that TAKING ACTION is very key. You will be encouraged to keep going when feel like “giving up”.  This will then lead you into substantial growth and propelling your business forward. “Trust me on that one”.

I hope you found some value in this Vlog. Now it is your turn, I would love to hear from you and whether this is your first time learning about masterminds and if you have attending any masterminds yourself. What is the great thing YOU have learnt from a mastermind?




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Christine Furtado, CPA, CGA

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