This article is truly your secrets to wealth and freedom.

The funny thing is, it is really not a secret as many people know of this.

The problem, is they simply don’t want to discipline or condition themselves to do it!

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The 7 Secrets To Wealth And Freedom!

I have been studying the wealthy and successful since I was sixteen.

I wanted to learn how it was done.

Then I put it into practice not only on myself but also for my clients.

Guess What?

Same results!  Wealth and Freedom!

So follow these simple 7 Secrets to Wealth and Freedom, and you can too!

A few notes before we begin.

First, you need to decide and commit to the secrets 100%.  This is a long term sustainable plan so, of course it is definitely not a get rich quick method.

Also, be sure to complete each secret in it’s entirety before moving on to the next one.



This is the easiest, yet hardest step.  It is easy since $1,000 is a fairly small amount.  It is hardest since most people today are conditioned to live on credit not cash.  Not to mention not being able to “save”.  So I call this secret, the start of disciple and  start of building and flexing your muscle.



The next secret is the take a “snapshot of all your debt” (see an example below) rank them from lowest to highest dollar wise….but also highest to lowest interest rate.





If you have debt that is about $1,000 to $2,000, I always say start with those first. The reason being is this gives you small “wins” to celebrate.

Then, when you complete that debt, take the amount you were paying down and put it towards the next debt.

When you complete the next debt, use the accumulative money to pay down the next debt and so on. This is called the compound effect.  You may have also heard the snowball effect or the stacking method.  They are all the same.

The other things you will want to keep in mind is to ensure you are paying minimum payments on all the credit cards.  If at all possible you can also go to the bank and have your debt consolidated.  Sometimes they can lower interest rates too.

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Some people recommend 3 months.

I highly recommend 6 months.

The reason this is so important is because LIFE and SHIT-HAPPENS.

This is the same method, my hubby and I used over 20 years ago.  I made only $5/hr back then in the 80’s and he made $18/hr in construction. His work was seasonal and we could always count on him being laid off.

Unemployment took at least one and a half months to come in. We always had money in the bank to keep 6 months worth of expenses to keep us going.

Use this money only in the case of an “emergency” E.g. roof leaks, furnace breaks down, someone is very ill in the family and there is loss of wages.

Going on a trip in a hurry does not count!

This will definitely be a “muscle building” exercise. However, with no more debt, this should not take too long.

Believe me, you will thank me.

What you will find is the “Murphy Law Guy” will not come around anymore.



Now that your debt is paid for, you have a 6-month emergency fund, next step is the INVESTMENT.

This is my favorite part because, here is where you are rewarding yourself for all your hard work up till now.

Invest 15% of your household income into a high interest mutual funds. You will want to speak to a financial advisor who can “teach” you and help you to make a great decision and not cost you must to do so.



I believe in funding my kids education so they don’t end up with enormous student loans and education debt.

Send them to a college or university that you can afford.

Have the kids also contribute to their schooling.  Trust me, when they have a vested interest, they will see the cost and work hard towards it too.



First, when you get this far, take a deep breath and be proud of yourself.

Imagine getting to this point.  Then, imagine completing this step and completely paying off your house.

That in itself is a HUGE accomplishment.

Let me tell you, it is very possible.

Using these steps, my hubby and I were able to pay off our 25 year mortgage in 12 years, while making $18/hr and $8/hr respectively without putting any money down on our home annually.

The key is committing and deciding and making this a priority!

2 TIPS to help you get there faster.  First, put your mortgage on a weekly payment.  The frequency of payment, will help you to pay for it faster and will knock of the years faster.  Second, if at renewal your payment is lower, keep it at the higher rate.  This will knock down the years even faster again!  All the money you were putting towards debt, now put it towards paying down your home.


The last step is to continue to build your wealth and GIVE generously to others.

Many of the most wealthy people in the world are the most outrageously generous people.

They continually give to the charities or groups of their choice.

Listen to the video as I talk about how I also love to give spontaneously.

In the video, I also talk about tithing.

My hope is that you found a huge value in this Vlog. Please give generously by sharing it with your family and friends that can benefit from it. It is my passion to empower people to have their wealth and freedom!

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Ready to start buidling your wealth and freedom?

Cheers to YOUR Success, Wealth & Freedom! 




Christine Furtado, CPA, CGA

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