Today we are talking about creating your vision.

As a matter of fact, Oprah Winfrey says it well that you should Create The Grandest Possible Vision for your Life.

Our VISION is the starting point for everything in life, no matter what you are trying to accomplish.  

Grandest Vision

Create The Vision For Your Life!

It does not matter if it is a health goal, a relationship goal, a spiritual business goal or a financial goal….it all starts with a VISION for your life.

Your vision must be really really compelling and will the the only reason that you keep going with that goal.

I do want to also make it clear that there truly is a difference between a goal and a vision.

A Goal is a specific target to achieve something. It includes the strategies and tactics you use to move toward your vision. You should set and achieve goals only that promote and are in line with your vision. This is why, if you don’t have a vision, goals alone can be defeating.

A Vision specifically put is your why. Vision gives something direction. A vision is very compelling and PULLS you towards your deepest desired future. Your vision includes what you believe in (your core values) and what you want in your future (what you want to be). It’s the powerful reason why you want to do something; your overarching purpose. Your vision is your passion and your beliefs.  It excites you and motivates you. It’s what inspires you to do whatever it is you want to do.

I won’t go into the details of both here as that will be another blog.

For today I want to talk about the 7 steps to take in creating your Vision.  So let’s dive right in.


If this is new to you, your “why” is your purpose here on earth.  Your Why is the emotional reason and leverage for which we do or don’t do anything. It is your mission.  It’s the spark that ignites passion. It is your reason for living.  It is the reason “why” you get up every morning and do what you do.  It is the one compelling reason that will keep you going when times are tough.    A strong why improves all areas of your life including your health, growing your business, it supports your family, and helps you achieve greater personal growth.  It is the number one thing needed to accomplish anything in all areas of your life.

Your why can also change over time.  Another way to think of it is what is your “Why” today. What is the real reason you want to accomplish what you do.  Once you have accomplished that Why, then you will move onto the next why.  So don’t let that stop you.  This is not an end all be all.  Also, as you go through your daily vision keep adding words to make it more real to you.  Don’t be afraid to do that.

Your Why can include your passion, your core values, your belief.  Your Why excites you every single day.  Your Why drives you to help others in their lives, it helps you to be more giving and more joyful.

An example of a Life Vision, I wake up every day aware of how I am able to change someone’s life for the better today through genuine compliments and effective listening. Everyday I am excited because I am on a transnational journey. I have created financial freedom for my family. I am excited to make a difference in other people’s lives, giving back and joyfully serving others. I continue to grow to be better for my future and for my family. I see myself as who I want to be and not who I am not. I speak to myself in a positive manner and focus on my visions.

You can also create a separate vision for each area of your life.  They should support each other and your High-Level Vision.

  1. Life Vision
  2. Health Vision
  3. Spiritual Vision
  4. Relationship Vision
  5. Financial Vision
  6. Business Vision

So, SteVision Actionp 1 ACTION is to determine your Why and write that down.  Be sure that has emotion tied to it and is very compelling. Write it down and read it back to yourself 3 times.  Does it still sound compelling to you?  If not enough, then keep tweaking it. Remember, this is ongoing and can be changed so don’t get bogged down here.  Another great thing to do is to record yourself speaking your vision.  Put a lot of heart, soul and conviction into it.  What you hear you will become.


You want to start with the ending date in mind.

A great place to start is 5 years from now.  Then, you can do smaller stepping visions for 1 year, 6 months and 90 days.  The smaller stepping visions are literally that..the stepping stones to get to you 5 year end date.

Why is it important to put a deadline?

Well, you put a deadline on your vision,it feels more compelling.  Does it not?

Vision Action

Step 2 ACTION Determine the ending dates for your vision starting with 5 years, then progress to 1 year, 6 months & 90 days.  From the 90 day interval, you will want to work backwards and create a a weekly and daily action plan.  These will be measuring sticks that you know you are getting closer to your vision.


If you are writing your vision for the first few times, sometimes it is good to ask some questions.  This is also helpful when editing or re-writing your vision.  I know for myself, I always refer to these questions as a helping hand.  Heck, why reinvent the wheel.

  1. What is your Main Life Vision?
  2. What does Success mean to you?
  3. How do you measure success?
  4. What are your Standards?
  5. What do you refuse to do, be?
  6. How do you feel about your Business, Family and Health?
  7. What at the 3 most important things in your Business, Family & Health?
  8. What are your everyday tasks in accomplishing your  Business, Family & Health?
  9. What does your network or community say about you?
  10. What is your ultimate end goal (s)?
  11. What makes you Happy?
  12. What is the history of your family, health & wealth?
  13. What quotes are important to you and mean something towards your vision?
  14. What defines you as a person?  What defines your vision?

Of course, these are only a few questions to ask yourself. As you walk through your journey, and as you think of others, be sure to write them done as a question to ask next time and as you continue to evolve and revise your visions.

Vision Action


Step 3 ACTION Write your responses to the questions above and add any additional questions that you feel are important to you and your vision.


The next step is to write your draft for your main vision and then for the other areas of your life.  Ensure that they complement each other.
Vision Action


Step 4 ACTION Draft your Vision for your Life first and then the vision for the other areas of your life.  Remember, the other areas should complement the Life Vision.  Happy writing!



Once you have your Vision drafted, then a great way to remain accountable is to get feedback and share with someone.  We all have someone that we trust  to give an honest feedback.  Ask for not only for their feedback but also for their accountability in staying accountable to your vision and more importantly accomplishing it.

Vision Action

Step 5 ACTION Look to that one person that you trust and share your vision with them.  Be open and ask for their feedback and to be an accountability partner.



The next step in your vision creation is to create an audio of your vision.  There are many audio options available on the markets and many of our phones these days comes with an app.

Say your vision with passion and conviction. Pretend that you are speaking to yourself in a RUT and you want to offer yourself some positive feedback, encouragement and motivation.  You want to inspire yourself.  The purpose of this that you want to listen to this daily and will be your go to in those times when you are doubting yourself.  Look at this as a measurement of your passion for your vision.

Vision ActionStep 6 ACTION Record an audio of yourself saying your vision with passion & conviction.




The last point for today is to Listen and Read your vision daily.

One of the greatest mistakes we make with goals and visions is we work so hard to set them and make them happen and get them started.

Then what do we do?

We put them in a drawer or file folder and forget about them.

We get what we focus on.

So be sure to make it a point to read and listen to your vision every single day.


Vision ActionStep 7 ACTION Create an action plan to listen to and read your vision each day.  Let’s make your vision happen.



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Cheers to YOUR Success! 




Christine Furtado, CPA, CGA

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