Get Out of Debt Fast is much easier than you think!

It is so ridiculously simple  and you will wonder why you did not know about this sooner.

Yet, you would be surprised how many people whether they make a ton of money or are on a low income budget do you use these.  Read On!

get out of debt fast

Get Out of Debt Fast is much easier than you think!

This is Day 2 of 30 Money & Life Hack: 8 Guilt-Free Get Out Of Debt Fast Hacks

Today let’s kick some butt (I mean debt).

Many of us want the debt gone, but are not willing to make changes or scarifies to let that happen.

Believe it our not, this applies to people whether they make a ton of money or whether they are living on a low income.

Do you know how many people make over six figures and don’t have a pot to piss in and literally have a hard time to get out of debt fast (let alone out at all).

Well, that is the reality!

You see, society has trained us that it is normal to be in debt and has not given us the tools pay down our debt.

The truth is they really want us to stay in debt!


Today is the day I will teach you to kick debt to the curb once and for all so you can have financial freedom!

You will notice that many of my blogs are very simple lists with attainable and actionable items.  Why?

Understanding your money is really that simple, however most of us make it hard and are scared of it which stems from the lack of knowing and the lack of knowledge surrounding our finances.

I want you to have FUN and LOVE your finances!


The first thing you need to is 100% commit and decide today that you are on a mission to pay off the debt from this day forward no matter what.

Until you you make this very simple decision then it is game over before you even start!

My first kick butt for you is very simple.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

So, Step 1 ACTION is to make a 100% commitment today that you will pay off the debt from this day forward and you will do whatever it takes to get there and CRUSH that debt.  You’ve got this and I’ve got your back.



The next step is to know how much debt you have, in which categories, what the interest you are currently paying and the term (length of time) that is left on the debt.

After all, you can’t pay off something if you don’t know the amount. Right?

You can write this down manually or complete it in a spreadsheet.  If you complete it in a spreadsheet (which I recommend), you will still want to print it off.  In this day an age it is great to make use of our computers, however, there is still something about reviewing a physical printout. You can visually see the numbers and feel the paper. This makes a big difference. Trust Me!

Here is a simple snapshot of spreadsheet to give you an example of how to lay it out.





Step 2 ACTION Go through all your debt and write down in a similar format as above the following:

  • Debt Name
  • Debt Category
  • Monthly Payment
  • Minimum Payment
  • Original Amount
  • Amount Owing
  • Interest%
  • Term Length
  • Loan End Date

The first debt you will pay is the smallest debt first.

The reason is that it will be quicker and will begin to see some immediate results.

If you are coming off of a slump of some kind, this will also help you to establish confidence, a sense of accomplishment and good habit of paying something off.

In the example above, the credit card total of $1,000 is the smallest amount remaining, so you would start with that one.

Step 3 ACTION determine which of your debt is the smallest on your piece of paper and let’s start paying that baby off first. Imagine how good that will make you feel.  Remember, have some fun doing this!



Next, you will continue to pay the minimum (at least) of all the remaining debt.

If there is a monthly payment then, of course you will have to pay that.

In our example above, there are 2 debt payments so you will have to pay those for the interim of $375 and $333 respectively.

Step 4 ACTION look at your piece of paper and / or spreadsheet and determine the minimum payments required and the payments required for the other remaining debts.



Once you pay off the first smallest debt, then you are ready to start paying off the next smallest debt (Rinse & Repeat)!

Remember, in step 1 you committed to see this through until it was done.

This is where most people stop, revert back to old habits and get back into more debt.

Push through what is HARD….

You mean Serious Business right?

Then, don’t complain and don’t stop until you “Getter” done!

This is called the “Snowball Effect” where literally once you start, you can keep going.  This is the greatest momentum you could ever have on paying debt off Whohoo!


Step 5 ACTION Look at the next debt and start paying that one off. Sometimes, you may not be able to pay off extra at a time, so what you will want to do is put the money aside in another savings (or a jar) so that when you are able to pay the next baby off you can and you will have the next payment.



If you have a number of large debt and potential with higher interest rates, then you should consider consolidating the debt.

What you need to do is make an appointment with your bank, financial adviser and/or credit union.

Bring all you particulars on the loans / debt remaining and see if they can provide you with an option to consolidate the date.

If this is a go, what will normally happen is they will have one monthly payment that is more reasonable and most times it will be at a reduced rate (so cheaper) in the long run.  If you can have the same remaining terms then that is even better.

Be assertive and stick to you what you want.  Nine times out of ten they will collaborate with you.

My philosophy on this if you don’t ask you won’t get AND ask and you shall receive!

So, if you are a woman get your girly boots on and let’s do this!


Step 6 ACTION Book an appointment with your bank, credit union and/or financial advisor and see how they can help you to consolidate some of the remaining debt.  Stand your ground and be clear on what you want from them.  As a result, you will likely get what you ask for.


One last point before we go.

I wanted to take an opportunity here and talk about Education Loans / Debt. Basically, this can be College or University Loans.

A word of the wise.  You need to start paying for these as soon as you can so that in the event of a Bankruptcy, you are not left with them.

You will need to do your research on this in your area, state, province, country.  However, in most cases, this debt is not freed on the law of bankruptcy.

This means if you went bankrupt, you would still owe the College Loan and your name would never be cleared from this.  So this is definitely something to keep in mind and research as you are paying off your debt.


Step 7 ACTION Do you have any education debt?  If so, you should research what the implications of these are in bankruptcy in your area.  If what I say above is true in your area, then you should consider making this one of your top priorities in paying down as quickly as you can.



Once you have gone through #1 to 7 above, look at your finances in total and determine if you need to get a second or part-time job.

I know you are probably grunting right now.

Remember, in step 1 you committed to see this through until it was done.

I know I am also repeating myself from #5 above. However, I feel it is a must to repeat.

Again, this is where most people stop, revert back to old habits and get back into more debt (instead to get out of debt fast).

Push through what is HARD….

You mean Serious Business right?

Then, don’t complain and don’t stop until you “Getter” done!

The reason I talk about a second job is that again this will be additional money that you will be paying down.

This creates additional momentum.

Momentum equals paying your debt down faster and you can think of the extra job as a temporary measure so it is really not that bad.

I remember years ago when I first started out working 3 jobs to get out of debt fast and early.

The extra money could also be used for a well-deserved vacation where I could splurge a little.

If you want it you can have it.

Step 8 ACTION Look at your finances and consider getting a second job or a part time job.  This will help you get out of debt fast and also give you some additional cash that you can save.


I hope you enjoyed this very easy plan of 8 Guilt-Free Get Out Of Debt Fast Hacks.

Join me tomorrow as I have more money & life hacks for you.

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I want to HELP YOU “Live The Life You Richly Deserve”!  

Cheers to YOUR Success! 




Christine Furtado, CPA, CGA

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4 Comments on 8 Guilt-Free Get Out Of Debt Fast Hacks

  1. Gordon Brandt
    December 30, 2016 at 8:29 pm (1 year ago)

    would like to know more

  2. Victoras
    December 31, 2016 at 10:45 am (1 year ago)

    Thank you Christine for your advice and good wishes. Forgive, but it can be done when you have some money to start paying the smallest debt and maintaining your following steps.
    However, how to live, if absolutely no money, no job? Debt is also ridiculously small – in total about $ 1500, but if it is not possible to pay them soon they grow. How to do if I do not have even small money to start making money online, because it could help solve the problem and as you say to build way to financial freedom.

    • Christine
      April 19, 2017 at 2:46 pm (9 months ago)

      Hi Victoras,

      Yes, I do agree that you need some money to be able to start tackling debt.

      As a matter of fact, you may enjoy another blog that I did that talks about that exactly “how to get money fast”. It even talks about getting creative on earning some money.

      here is the link to that article.


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